Quality is primary concern of Raj Yash group

Total quality principles are adopted in selection of the material, implementation of the project, and even after the project is handed over.

Quality Objective All systems and procedures are formulated to achieve the "Quality Objective"
Quality Management The Group is in the process of implementing 'Total Quality Management' in all the aspects of its business
35+ projects
  • To expand construction activities in other cities
  • Offer your gratitude to God
  • To create a customer focused organization


  • To create a brand image in the construction industry for residential and commercial projects
  • To create a learning organization by inducting new technologies and innovative knowledge
  • To enrich, enhance and capture significant designs
  • To accommodate ever evolving and build ambitious projects
  • To offer innovative and contemporary execution of quality construction
  • To bring dramatic and paradigm shift in the construction spaces
  • To build high stature living and office spaces