A walkthrough Rajyash

“Throughout the years, we at Rajyash have been committed to the pursuit of making Ahmedabad live better. Be it the bespoke designs inspired by the best in the world, that lifts your spirits with its magnificence or the innovation weaved in every little corner, keeping you and your family’s happiness in mind. With Rajyash City, we have now taken this promise up a notch. Nestled in the midst of imminent neighbourhoods of South Vasna and Central Bopal, the world class Rajyash Citiesspan across 6.3 Million Sq.Ft of area.

A thoughtfully designed community where you can step into a world of utmost comforts and fine living. In the first phase at South Vasna, we have completed projects such as Rajyash Reyansh, Rajyash Rains, Rajyash Reeva, etc. That’s not all. It is also home to multi-purpose hubs such as Rajyash Rise, a state-of-the-art edifice equipped with an array of recreational zones such as the multiplex, food court, hotel and commercial workspaces that make you rise above the rest. The second phase at Central Bopal, brings to you The Retail Park,a high street open mall that has anchor stores and unified open large floor space that are perfect for your retail visibility and needs.

Come, experience the Rajyash way of life!

Rajyash City 1: 1500+ flats | 500+ shops & offices,

Rajyash City 2: 1000+ flats | 900+ showrooms & shops

Rajyash City – South Vasna

Rajyash takes immense pride in being pre-cursors of development in South Vasna. Having had begun our development journey through Rajyash Reyansh, has only bettered our offerings eversince, helping to build a community of our own. The planned and strategic developments in Vasna have rendered an elevated standard of living not just for the residents but also to the people around the city prompting them to become members of an ever-growing community, interactive spaces and properties that have grown monetarily since our inception.

Vasna over the years has garnered more residency and work spaces which has kindled more connectivity to be taken care of by the government. Rajyash has been instrumental in promoting re-development and enhancing the quality of life one can enjoy at Vasna through our affordable yet spatial property offerings. The urbanization of Vasna through Rajyash and our future centric approach has enabled many a business to flourish and many a community to grow and co-exist.

Our layered offerings including Rajyash Reyansh, Rains, Reeva and Rise to name a few.

Rajyash City – Central Bopal

Rajyash has always had one step in the future to strategically workout our property offerings. Just like South Vasna, Central Bopal is an area, where we are confident in setting our roots. From getting organised retailing to the area, to luxurious apartments, Rajyash has promoted growth and upheaval of the real estate segment in the Central Bopal area.

This has not only increased the livability factor of the area but also promoted the economy of the city as well as improved connectivity throughout the locality.

Developing Ahmedabad through Rajyash