by Rajyash Group

Redevelopment by Rajyash Group


Redevelopment means demolishing the existing structure of the society and building new structure with more space for the existing members parking and modern amenities.

Structural & maintenance issues, allotted parking problem, no space for children’s playarea,need more space as the family grows.

Redevelopment is always better than moving away from prime locality for bigger space.Redevelopment helps you get bigger space with better amenities without moving from a prime location.

A brand new building without paying anything, Bigger apartment with extra carpet area, substantial increase in the apartment’s value,adequate parking space,upmarket amenities & facilities and safety & security are the benefits of redevelopment.

The society has to call a Special General Body Meeting and pass the resolution for the redevelopment and take consent of all members.

Society above 25 years can go for redevelopment or the societies whose structure has become weak can also go for redevelopment.The preferred societies are worth the existing structure of Ground plus two/three storeys.

Rajyash Group is a trusted & reliable brand, an established name in the industry & is committed to provide superior quality, which will help you to get the highest value of money.In addition to this, Rajyash Group has a strong team of engineers & project managers,who ensures timely delivery.

Yes,it is always advisable to have a separate redevelopment committee.

If 75 % of members agree for redevelopment other 25 % have to agree for it, written consent required.