Rajyash Reanand


Royce One

Ambli-Bopal Road, Ahmedabad

Symbolic & Iconic 5 & 6 BHK Residences

Discover the epitome of luxury living at Royce One, a prestigious residential address situated on Ambli Bopal Road. This extraordinary upcoming project in Ahmedabad offers a signature glimpse of elegance and sophistication. Immaculately designed, Royce One sets a new standard for comfort, showcasing a perfect blend of opulence and refinement.

With its grand proportions, this project promises a lifestyle that surpasses all expectations. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to create an ambiance of regal living. Residents will revel in the abundance of space, where every room radiates with grace and grandeur.

Beyond its impeccable interiors, Royce One boasts an enviable location, offering a multitude of advantages. Positioned strategically, residents will enjoy breathtaking vistas that captivate the senses. The project stands tall, gracefully surpassing its surroundings, becoming an architectural marvel that symbolizes beauty and prestige.

At Royce One, residents can expect a lifestyle filled with unparalleled luxury and exclusivity. Indulge in the captivating views, soak in the serenity of the surroundings, and embrace the true essence of refined living. This is a residential haven that transcends ordinary living, offering an extraordinary sanctuary for those who appreciate the finest things in life.

Experience the allure of Iconic and Tallest Building in Ahmedabad- Royce One, where every moment is infused with splendor and magnificence. This is a place where dreams come alive, where luxury and comfort intertwine seamlessly. Welcome to a world of unrivaled beauty and elegance at Royce One, your gateway to an extraordinary residential experience.